Empower Your Tribe with Solar Power

Solar Utility Network is the world’s first native-owned solar energy cooperative.

There has never been a better time for tribes to create new revenue using clean and abundant solar power. SUN makes it easy.

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About SUN

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How the falling costs of solar and an innovative partnership model can change the game for native communities and the planet.
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Welcome to SUN.

Solar Utility Network (SUN) empowers Native American communities with a new way to generate revenue by building environmentally-friendly solar power plants on underutilized land. SUN is a complete solar power development and management solution, offering eligible tribes in the Southwestern U.S. an opportunity to join a historic solar energy cooperative.

Solar power captures the energy of the sun, generating clean electricity that is kind to the earth. SUN helps your tribe reap the benefits of solar power, while minimizing risk. Once you designate a site, SUN provides all the necessary funding, construction, and management of a state-of-the-art solar plant that can be expanded over time.

Tribes who partner with SUN become voting co-owners in a powerful collective, united by a vision to positively transform the current power model. Together, we can promote economic development and self sufficiency for native communities, while contributing to the global movement toward a sustainable future.

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Together, we are strong.

SUN was conceived as a cooperative model to enable Native American tribes to benefit from the boom in solar energy. SUN is unique: the world’s first native-owned, multilateral solar power company.

The SUN partnership model offers a sensible, risk-managed approach to long-term, economic development that:
  • Creates new revenue opportunity for Native tribes
  • Promotes self-determination
  • Leverages cooperative bargaining and cost savings
  • Encourages community investment for collective benefit

Ecologically responsible economic development

Holistic economic growth considers the wellbeing of people and the planet. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is clean and renewable, protecting the integrity of the sacred lands that nourish us.

Our expertise in solar energy spans more than ten years. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to capture and deploy solar power responsibly and respectfully.