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What is SUN?


SUN is the world’s first native-owned solar power cooperative. Founded by entrepreneur and environmentalist Mark Glen Moore, SUN was designed specifically to promote economic growth and self-determination for Native American tribes in the Southwestern United States.

Tribes who qualify to partner with SUN become part of a historic multilateral solar energy network. SUN consults with your tribe to determine the optimal location and size of the solar energy plant and then takes care of every step of the process: from planning to construction; management to electricity sales. Absolutely no financial investment from your tribe is required. Tribal partners need only allow use of suitable lands.

The SUN partner model has been carefully developed to ensure all partner tribes will maximize revenue and minimize risk. Complete transparency is guaranteed, along with voting rights on collective decisions.

Our goal is to empower you and other co-owner tribes to benefit from the global shift towards solar power in an economically safe, environmentally responsible way. Solar energy is clean, renewable and engages the power of nature without inflicting harm on sacred lands.

Since 2001, SUN has been working alongside experts in the solar industry to create state-of-the-art solar modules and holds several solar energy patents with others pending.